Manufacturer’s Showcase

HeatShiftâ„¢ Laptop Cooling Pad from ThermaPAKIn case you missed it, the September 21st meeting featured the HeatShiftâ„¢ Laptop Cooling pad from ThermaPak, a local Pasadena company. Through the courtesy of Cindy Kang, Product Manager, three representatives of the company – Wayne Wang, Wei Wong, and David Blair – demonstrated this unique solution to the problem of heat dissipation for Macintosh Powerbook (and other) laptop computers.ThermaPAK also was kind enough to provide a HeatShiftâ„¢  Pad for our drawing and offer a discount to any SGVMUG Members who wished to purchase one. How the HeatShiftâ„¢ Pad works:Because it has no moving parts and does not require power from the computer, the HeatShift TM Pad performs better than fan-based USB cooling devices because it is totally silent and does not drain the computer’s battery. Instead of blowing air across the computer, the HeatShiftâ„¢ Pad uses a safe, laboratory-tested chemical and patented technology to dissipate the heat away from the computer.When a device utilizes both conduction (transfer of heat directly from one object to another by physical contact) and convection (transfer of heat by the movement of molecules from warmer areas to cooler ones) it achieves the maximum amount of heat exchange. When the HeatShiftâ„¢ TPad is placed under the laptop, as the computer warms-up the solid crystals inside the pad are converted into a liquid gel and the grooved surface of the pad effectively dissipates the heat away from the computer. The result is cooling of from 6 to 11 degrees Fahrenheit.For more information about the HeatShiftâ„¢ Pad, please visit the ThermaPAK website:

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