3 Offers for Macworld

Offers are starting to pop up for the annual Macworld Expo & Convention in San Francisco.

1- For a limited time, Apple User Group members can receive a 50 percent
discount on special floor passes. Members can also enjoy an even
better value by taking 15 percent off any Macworld conference package.
Both options represent a substantial savings and are available only to
members using the User Group Priority Code.

These special show floor passes cost $10 (US).

[ Code is for MUG members only. For code please email Gautam or myself ]

Check it out.

(This offer expires December 14, 2007. Visit the web site for conference
details, rules and package pricing.)

2- Anyone can attend this but only MUG members get the discount.

Macworld 2008: Apple User Group Wine and Cheese Reception

Ready for a little fun? Among the folks who will be joining user group
members for a glass of wine on January 14th are luminaries like David
Pogue, Chris Breen, Terry White, Dennis Sellers, Jim Dalrymple, Adam
Engst and Tonya Engst. Add in entertainment and raffle prizes, and this
Apple User Group reception will be the place to be at Macworld. This is
the first event where attendance is not restricted to group officers and
board members, although each registrant must be a user group member to
use the discount code and URL. Register today!

Group members get a 50 percent discount off the regular $20 (US) price.

[ Code is for MUG members only. For code please email Gautam or myself ]

Be there.

This worldwide offer is limited to the first 300 registrants.

3- OWC giving out floor passes to MWSF 2008

Check out Other World Computing’s front page for a link to their Macworld offerings http://eshop.macsales.com/ . The link is in the upper right corner.

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