And Speaking of Keyboards…

…I saw this bit on MakeUseOf this morning: Ditch Qwerty & Type Faster With Workman:

Before personal computers were invented, even before they made their appearance in science-fiction literature, the Qwerty keyboard layout was designed for use on typewriters. While the design considerations were solid, Qwerty wasn’t created for efficiency. Far from it. Because the typebars on a mechanical typewriter could jam when pressing close-by keys, the most used characters were instead spread out as far as possible on the keyboard.

We don’t use typewriters anymore (well, most of us don’t). And yet most of you will still be using Qwerty, the most popular keyboard layout in the world. But not because it’s so easy to use, or even because it’s the best option on the market. The main reason for Qwerty’s dominion is its age.

We need to reconsider. Without those old restrictions, a keyboard layout can focus on efficiency and ease of use. It’s time for change; for a keyboard layout that’s fit for modern keyboards and modern computing. It’s time for the Workman Layout

I hadn’t heard of this particular layout, but one of these days, I just may check it, or its competitors, out.

Click the link for the whole story.

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