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In BloombergBusinessweek yesterday, Alex Webb posted a most interesting article on the good news/bad news of Jony Ive and Apple product design:

At one time, even broaching the idea would have been sacrilegious. But here goes: might Apple Inc.’s product design have improved since the departure of Jony Ive?

The Apple of today would not exist without Ive. He was the creative leviathan behind the look of the iMac, iPod, iPad and, most significantly, the iPhone. Apple’s design-led approach to product development was considered pioneering. But there was often a tension between form and function: whether a device’s appearance took precedence over its ease of use.

There was a sense that, without the moderating influence of the late Steve Jobs, perhaps Ive started to prioritize aesthetics a little too much. Since he stepped down as chief designer at the end of 2019, Apple seems to have reemphasized function. From the iPhone to Apple TV to the Macbook, gone are the days of “The user be damned, we think this looks cool. ”

For the full report, PYBT: Apple’s Product Design Has Improved Since Jony Ive Left

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