Apple’s Got Your Back

Apple has updated its privacy policy as part of the rollout of iOS 8, announcing that devices with the latest version of the operating system installed can no longer be accessed by the company itself.

Previously, as we reported in May 2014, if law enforcement came to Apple with a seized device and a valid warrant, it was able to access a substantial portion of the data already on an iPad or iPhone. But under the latest version of iOS, even that will be impossible.

Thus begins Cyrus Farivar’s post on Ars Technica, Apple expands data encryption under iOS 8, making handover to cops moot.

Two notable quotes from the article:

“…Apple cannot bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data…”
      – Apple’s Web site, last evening

“Apple’s old policy for extracting user data from iPhones for law enforcement: Come back with a warrant. Their new policy: Get lost.”
      – Christopher Soghoian, @csoghoian, ACLU technologist

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