April 17th General Meeting

Migration Techniques:  Problems and Solutions

Upgrading your Mac or iDevice? We’ll have what you need know!

Among other things, the following will be touched on:

Old software that needed to be upgraded
–  finding the installers for some of the applications that had been retained on my M1-MacBook Pro and importing these to the MacStudio (the biggest one of these was MS Office)
–  initial inability to do a direct transfer from one computer to another (Command-K) and having to resort to “sneaker-net” transfers via SD cards
–  finding and resolving aliases that no longer were linked to their original files
–  finding and resolving duplicate applications, folders, and files when the transfers were made from the Time Machine backup drive
–  learning where all the “hidden menu items” were in the new OS
–  etc.  etc.  etc.

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Our rewarding Monthly Prize Drawing.

Be on the lookout, on the Web site, for the Zooming, (Re)Joining, Drawing post, which will have the all gory details on how the drawing (among other things) should work.

The meeting will be conducted on Zoom. The gory details have arrived: Tech Check!

The Meeting after the Meeting is back with us. Hang on in Zoom, after the General meeting, and chat with everyone!

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