April 20th General Meeting

Apple’s Hidden Treasures

Some of what Apple forgot to tell you about

Hidden away within each and every copy of OS X is a number of useful programs for maintaining your Mac, solving problems that arise in the course of your computing life, and for doing cool stuff. But for reasons known only in the depths of “One Infinite Loop”, Apple chooses not to spend a lot of time telling people about these programs or explaining how to use them.

Not to worry; we’re here to do what Apple doesn’t do. Our President, Warren James, will talk about those useful jewels and show you how to use them to make your computing experience more productive and safer.

First up for discussion will be Apple’s built-in backup program, Time Machine. You’ll learn how to setup and use Time Machine so your files will always be safe from any hard drive problems that might arise. {Remember the first commandment of computing is to always have a backup. After you’ve done that, then you should backup your backup.}

Next up is Apple’s Disk Utility. This program can find and correct a number of disk-related problems and should be one of the first places you go to when you’re having such problems. You’ll learn not only what this program does but how to use it, along with some cautions about things to careful of when using it.

Also on the docket will be a discussion of a simple configuration option that you can use that will stop many of the malware attacks that are out there in the wild.

And in keeping in the spirit of “Apple’s Hidden Treasures”, be on the lookout for this month’s appleSTEMs.

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appleSTEMs – Warren James presents interesting Apple science, technology, engineering, and math software.

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The meeting will be held in the Donald Wright Auditorium, at the Pasadena Public Library Main Branch at 7:00 p.m. Following the general meeting, we have our informal Meeting after the Meeting at Coco’s Restaurant, 77 N. Lake Ave. (between Union St. and Colorado Blvd., at the southwest corner of Union and Lake).

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