August 16th General Meeting

Security and Privacy: Protecting Your Computer from Ransomware, and other Privacy Issues

Security. Privacy. You gotta keep up with ’em or you know where you’ll end up…

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Our rewarding Monthly Prize Drawing includes a $25.00 iTunes gift card, NXT screen cleaning travel wet wipes, a large Apple Pasadena t-shirt (from store reopening), a Vivitar Privacy camera lens cover, a 3D-printed tentacle iPad stand, and a mystery iTunes gift card. Be on the lookout, on the Web site, for the Zooming, (Re)Joining, Drawing post, which will have the all gory details on how the drawing (among other things) should work.

The meeting will be conducted on Zoom. The gory details have arrived: Tech Check!

The Meeting after the Meeting is back with us. Hang on in Zoom, after the General meeting, and chat with everyone!

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