Bumper Snickers


In my blog, I have a recurring post title, Bumper Snicker. It started out as snapshots of amusing bumper stickers spotted whilst I was out and about. It wasn’t long before it included license plate frames and license plates, themselves. There may even be some window decorations.

As Dave so readily proves in every edition of Apps & Traps, the tech world is a veritable Niagra Falls of humor and hysteria, so I thought it might be fun to post funny/silly/hysterical stuff that I come across. Since non-tech stuff can be pretty knee-slapping, too, that will also make appearances. Here goes!

Got an e-mail from amazon.com this morning, featuring “Woot, the wildest, cheapest corner of the Amazon world”. Not having associated the word woot with Amazon previously, I took a look and got no further than the title bar: woot! Deals & Shenanigans

You’ve been warned…

SGVAUG and I have no connection whatever with Amazon. Neither are we shilling for them here.

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