I dunno; you tell me…

MacHeist has lost their minds! They’re offering an Apple Design Award Bundle, nine top Mac apps worth $1,776.00, for $19.99!!

Boinx TV $499.00 value
MacJournal $40.00 value
Toon Boom Studio $249.00 value
AccountEdge Pro $399.00 value
iSale $25.00 value
Picturesque $15.00 value
Starry Night Pro $150.00 value
Xojo Desktop $300.00 value

“But, wait…” I hear you say; “That’s only eight…” Glad you mentioned that!

The ninth app, ScreenFlow, only gets unlocked if 20,000 bundles are purchased. And there is a catch: you have less than five hours from now (3:07p) to grab the bundle.

And where’s the coincidence? Oh, yeah: ScreenFlow is one of the things Dave and Scott are planning to show off at this month’s meeting!

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