Contemplating an iOS 7 Upgrade? Stop, Look, and Listen

Are your favorite iDevices longing for iOS 7? Our Apps & Traps guru, Dave Whitby, has a couple of recommendations first.

From OS X Daily comes the obvious first step: Check Device Compatibility

iOS 7 supported devices

For the whole article, which has several more great bits of advice, PYBT: Prepare for iOS 7 the Right Way: What To Do Before Upgrading an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to iOS 7

Alrighty, then!

Data backed up? Check.

iOS 7 installed? Check.

Data restored? Check.

Life is good and time to fire up your favorite iTunes Radio station, right?

Not so fast…

iOS 7 resets a number of pre-existing settings and adds some new ones, none of which it lets you know about. ZDNet has a very interesting, must-read piece which includes this ever-so-helpful graphic:


For the whole article, PYBT: Four privacy settings you should enable in iOS 7 immediately.

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