Dashing Through the…

…the keyboard…

What’s with all those hyphens⁄dashes⁄little lines throughout bunches of text? Yeah, they’re different lengths, they have different names, and they do have specific tasks.

In How to Type En Dashes, Em Dashes, and Hyphens on a Mac, OWC Mark C does a pretty good job of not only explaining what they all are and what they all mean, but how to type them. Check it out:

We are all familiar with the standard hyphen symbol and know what it’s called. It is primarily used to hyphenate words (hence its name) and often used as the minus sign (-) in math. But what about those dashes that appear more extended than a hyphen? What are they used for, and how do you type them? This quick little guide should help you out.

PYB at the link above to continue.

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