El Capitan in Detail

And while we’re on the subject, Andrew Cunningham and Lee Hutchinson have a rather comprehensive look at El Capitan at Ars Technica. OS X 10.11 El Capitan: The Ars Technica Review knows all and tells all. For example, here’re the table of contents:

  • Installation and system requirements
  • Welcome to San Francisco
  • Window management: Mission Control and Split View
  • Spotlight
  • App improvements: Notes
    • Mail
    • Safari and Safari extensions
    • Maps
    • Photos
    • Disk Utility
  • Metal
    • OpenGL: Still lagging behind
  • System Integrity Protection
    • File- and block-level protections
    • Digging in a little deeper at the file level
    • Running protections
    • Developers, developers… developers?
    • Disabling it all
  • Trimforce and third-party SSDs
  • Networking: mDNSResponder
    • Happy eyeballs look toward IPv6
    • Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN)
    • Network security
    • App transport security
  • Grab bag: Swift 2
    • Internationalization and localization
    • Safari’s responsive design mode
    • Find My Friends
    • System Preferences tweaks and new wallpapers
    • Hiding the menu bar
    • Battery life
  • Recommendations
  • Conclusions: The importance of the minor update

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