Hacking Is Everywhere


Hackers can now take over automobiles.

Aamna Mohdin posted a rather frightening piece on IFLScience the other day. It starts:

Andy Greenberg was driving his car in St. Louis when he lost control of his vehicle. The air conditioning, the radio and windshield wipers all suddenly turned on, then the engine cut off. Greenberg tried to take back control of the car, but he couldn’t. It had been hacked.

Turns out Mr Greenberg has asked a couple of security researchers to see what they could come up with in the way of remote hacking his Jeep Cherokee. PYBT for further excitement: Cyber Security Experts Hacked Into A MOVING CAR And Took Control.

This morning, CBS News posted a video: recall: 1.4 million cars in danger of possible takeovers.

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