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by Lynn Wegley, InfoManager, with co-editor Fred Showker

What’s Here:
01 UGNN InfoManager: ugly face of net neutrality back again!… Maybe for one last time!
02 UGNN Facebook Update: mirror the world, problems and paradise
03 Jessica Probus: Useful Web sites
04 Candy Apple Updated
05 UGNN Safenetting Malware Report: April showers bring… misery
06 Five Solutions to Mac Problems
07 Steve Jobs Quotes
08 Jumsoft’s Toolboxes
09 #187 Net Neutrality… or, The Bandwidth Wars
10 Quotes: Be yourself


01 UGNN InfoManager: ugly face of net neutrality back again!… Maybe for one last time!

If you remember UGNN coverage of Net Neutrality over the years, then you may remember our article “Net Neutrality Decade”… and next year it will truly be a decade. So, you thought that had all been laid to rest – but not. Now the whole issue has reared its ugly face again in the wake of all the publicity and public whining over Aereo! Watch how quickly the status-quo public and government is so eager to quelsh new ideas. Oh well. But you know for sure, if it’s a happening in technology, UGNN InfoManager covers it! Follow along:
[_] The FCC’s new net neutrality rules will kill Aereo, even if the Supreme Court doesn’t
[_] After pledging to fight for net neutrality, Obama needs to show the FCC who’s boss
[_] Lobbying Efforts Intensify After F.C.C. Tries 3rd Time on Net Neutrality
[_] Opinion: FCC will seek comments about its latest net neutrality proposal
[_] Opinion: Will Wheeler’s Net neutrality rules lead to online toll lanes?
[_] Politico: Obama’s past stance in conflict with net neutrality proposal
[_] F.C.C., in a Shift, Backs Fast Lanes for Web Traffic
[_] What Do Net Neutrality Rules Mean For Web Users?
and more . . .


02 UGNN Facebook Update: Facebook mirrors the world, problems and paradise

Facebook news and reviews… the news is getting boring as Facebook becomes more and more like everyday life, the good, bad and the ugly. Since the marketers took over, Facebook has seriously lost its “coolness” factor, yet is becoming more popular! Let’s see:
[_] Facebook Example of Why Domains Are More Important to Businesses Than Social Media
[_] Facebook Audience Network will deliver ads to mobile apps report
[_] Facebook draws baseball battle lines in Southern California
[_] Facebook fight leads to pregnant woman being shot in stomach
[_] Facebook Keeps Getting More Addictive. Here’s How
[_] Facebook’s Nearby Friends Preys on Paranoia
[_] Facebook pictures catch thieving nanny
[_] Apple & Facebook Soar – Is 1900 Next?
…and more

CAUTION: Careful, we’ve found a pop-up ad splash screens and other stalker links and screen-spam on all of these pages. Seems the news industry has now resorted to heavy screen-spam to make revenue! Be very careful what you click.


03 Jessica Probus: Useful Web sites

This article on BuzzFeed by Jessica Probus talks about some very interesting Web sites that could also be very useful.


04 Candy Apple Updated

MacAppware has launched the latest Candy Apple for Mac OS X – a tasty vector based graphic design and illustration app available on the Mac App Store and on the MacAppware Web site. For a limited time this new version is offered at 50% off to new customers, and current users can simply update for free through the Updates section of the App Store application on their Mac.


05 UGNN Safenetting Malware Report: April showers bring… misery

We posted “another reason” in the Web site, and invite you to Pin or Share it to get the word out. We’re not letting up on that issue either! As you can see from our continuing coverage of the cybercrime industry and evil stuff on the Web, what we need is MORE Internet accountability, not less. The crime industry has moved to the mobile industry, but plenty of risk still threatens connected technology in all sectors. But if it’s important, you’ll find out about it here in the UGNN Safenetting malware InfoManager.
[_] Malware Peddlers Exploit Starbucks’ Name in New Malicious Campaign
[_] Bug in Microsoft Security Essentials Downs Windows XP Machines
[_] Smart Devices, Wearables Pose Security Risks for Consumers
[_] Bitcoin-Mining Android Malware Surfaces on Google Play
[_] Understanding The Top 5 Mobile Banking Trojans
[_] New Malware targets jailbroken iOS devices
[_] Men More Vulnerable to Mobile Malware
and more . . .


06 Five Solutions to Mac Problems

This article on Tuts+ by Harry Guinness has a list of five pieces of software that can solve common problems on our Macs.


07 Steve Jobs Quotes

Business Insider has this article listing 13 quotes from Steve Jobs.


08 Jumsoft’s Toolboxes

Jumsoft increased its product selection with the latest update of the Toolbox for Pages app. The update boosts the current range with 62 individual Pages templates, 2 packs of matching corporate-style templates, 5 clipart sets, 4 doodle themes, and 10 sets of icons. The designs are suitable for creating and illustrating brochures, cards, labels, and other types of personal or business content. The new illustration sets are also available in Toolbox for Keynote.


09 Who will own the Internet if America gives it away?… OR, is this the end of the Internet as we know it?

As many, including UGN, predicted in 1998, the rule of ICANN has now come to the brink of turning the management of the Internet over to entities outside the U.S. who may not be friendly to the ideals of the Internet. InerNIC should never have been taken out of U.S. government control… and should have never changed the accountability structure of the Internet, DNS and domain ownership. You are now witnessing historic moments that will provide proof that the Clinton administration made among others, one of the worst decisions in the history of modern mankind. Now, the Democrats, partnering with foreign pressure, want to erase the last vestiges of accountability.

Call your congressmen and let them know NOT to turn the Internet over to the United Nations.

Read more:
* Republicans urge administration to hit pause on Internet control transfer, push new bill
* Obama Administration Denies “Abandoning the Internet”
* House GOP leery of bid to end domain authority
* GOP Moves to Block U.S. Domain Name Shift
* GOP bill keeps US Internet control
and more . . .


10 #187 Net Neutrality… or, The Bandwidth Wars

Speaking of Net Neutrality, this article was published in Fred
Showker’s “60-Second Windows” back in July of 2006.

BIG CHANGES ARE AFOOT IN THE WAY THE INTERNET WORKS and “net neutrality” is a conundrum with so much misinformation, confusion and media lip service floating around that no one seems to really know what’s going on. Two things are for sure: it is NOT going away, and it IS going to be a media feeding frenzy.


11 Quotes: Be yourself

Be who your are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.
– Dr Seuss

You have no complaint… you are what you are and you ain’t what you ain’t.
– John Prine, “Dear Abbey”


…and have a great week!

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