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I love my iPad. After having had it for a couple of years, to say nothing of having had iPod Touches for more than five years, and using them all rather heavily, I still can’t type on them worth a tinker’s dam.    :::sigh:::

And then came Stephen Hackett’s external keyboard article on The Sweet Setup last week; salvation! The setup:

Not all iPad keyboards are created equal. In our estimation, there are several factors to consider, including typing experience, price, design and extra features. Each keyboard we spent time with were paired with an iPad Air 2, and each keyboard’s section of the review was typed with the item in question, in addition to a collection of standardized documents that were recreated with each device using Apple’s Pages application.

The contestants, in alphabetical order:
     Apple Bluetooth Keyboard + Stand
     Belkin Qode Ultimate Pro
     Kensington Keyfolio Thin X3
     Logitech Keys-to-Go
     Logitech Ultrathin
     Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

The winner? PYBT: Our favorite keyboard for iPad

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