iPad Progress?


Don’t know about you, but I *really* miss the tight stylus-screen integration and excellent built-in handwriting recognition of the Newton.

Much to my great pleasure, it looks as if Apple just *might* be heading back in that general direction. Luke Domehl has a fascinating piece on Cult of Mac on an Apple patent, published today, that “…describes a stylus featuring built-in accelerometers, wireless transmission, and storage – with the aim of sending hand-written notes and drawings from one device to another.…” It continues:

The stylus can enter… data from a distance, such as from across the room, to the computing device. This allows a user in one embodiment to keep the computing device stored, for example with a cellular phone, in his pocket and still be able to use the stylus to enter text or drawings into the device. This makes it easy, for example, in a classroom setting for a user to take handwritten notes and simultaneously create a digital version of those notes. Additionally, in another embodiment, the stylus allows for the user to write on a whiteboard mounted on a wall and simultaneously display what he has written on a computing device.

PYBT: Smart iPad stylus could help Apple crack the enterprise world; I can’t wait!

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