It Wouldn’t Quite Be the End of the World

But neither should you be complacent about it, should it happen.

Businesses can’t seem to stop hackers looking to steal customer data. The list of companies preyed (ed.) on has grown long indeed and includes well known names like JP Morgan, Home Depot and Target. And that’s just what we know about. Every unexplained website outage is met with raised eyebrows. Was it a glitch? Was the site hacked? And when would they (tell) us if the latter was true?

Everyone seems to agree that companies should do more to protect the people who’ve entrusted them with valuable data, but the trend of high-profile hacks seems likely to continue in the near future. For now, consumers can do little but prepare and respond as threats occur. Here’s how you can protect yourself.

Matt Smith’ article on MakeUseOf continues with quite a few tips, hints, and pointers. PYBT and educate yourself: Store You Shop At Get Hacked? Here’s What To Do.

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