Macworld HELP DESK 09.13.2013

Salvation!! Even though I’m using iCal under Leopard, and even though I wasn’t having this problem (iCal wasn’t backing up properly), Dr Breen’s suggestion in Cure for a corrupt Calendar application has things back in order. Whew!

Next, we have an addendum to Monday’s meeting. Organizing and creating iPhoto projects gets into albums (smart and standard), books, cards, and calendars. It’s a three-page piece; you’ve been warned.

Is AppleCare worth it? Depends who you talk to. IMNSHO, don’t leave the store/Apple Web site without it; ever. According to some commenters, hell no! Jonathan Seff says yes, no, and maybe.

Other items of interest today:

For the whole shooting match, PYBT: Macworld HELP DESK 09.13.2013

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