Macworld HELP DESK 12.13.2013

First off, in keeping with this month’s program, Dr Breen continues his iMovie series with Exploring iMovie’s editing options, wherein he waxes eloquent on lots of ways to spiff up your initial iMovie efforts (two pages).

And now that you’ve gotten your iMovies just the way you want them, you have got a scheme to keep them safe, don’t you? No? Then you’d better check out Find the right backup drive for your storage needs, if you know what’s good for you…

Giving the gift of digital downloads could be a Godsend if you (accidently) left someone off your Christmas list, or have no idea what to get someone else, or you’ve just flat run out of time.

Other items of interest today:

For the whole shooting match, PYBT: Macworld HELP DESK 12.13.2013

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