Macworld HELP DESK 12.20.2013

Hoping for a new Mac under the Christmas tree this year? Mac buying guide: How to pick the right computer runs through all the current Mac offerings, to help make the decision bright, er, right. Make sure not to miss the second page…

Making the most of iMovie’s lesser-known features wraps up Dr Breen’s series of iMovie lessons with a few remaining features you gotta know about.

If you’ve not seen my Facebook wall yet, let me tell you, about half of it has to do with books, sometimes! (What can I say? My dad’s an English teacher.) So you’d best believe How to find free books in the iBooks Store is on my must-read list.

Other items of interest today:

For the whole shooting match, PYBT: Macworld HELP DESK 12.20.2013

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