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So, you just downloaded iOS 8. Looks pretty familiar, right? Certainly, last year’s switch from iOS 6 to iOS 7 – which saw Apple ditch the iPhone’s tired, six-year-old interface and move to something more spare and clean – was a far bigger leap visually than this update to iOS 8.

In fact, most of the apps in iOS 8 look almost identical to what you were using just days ago. And a few of them appear entirely unchanged. But there are new functions, new tricks, and time-savers hidden in these new iOS 8 versions of your favorite apps. Some of them you’ll see right away. But the rest… well, let us show you.

Thus begins Michael Calore’s delve into lots-of-things iOS 8. If you haven’t upgraded yet, you might want to take a look and see if anything helps push you along that path, or convinces you to hold off just a bit.

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