Next MacDayLA is May 31

Here is an Update on the local Mac Event – MacDayLA…
(The piece below is from MacDayLA. Any “we” or “us” refers to them – MacDayLA)

The next MacDayLA is just 2 weeks away, on May 31 (which is not
Memorial Day this year).

If you’re planning on — or thinking of — attending, we ask that you
RSVP to let us know.

Your RSVP:
• helps us plan.
• encourages vendors to attend for you.
• makes it easier for everyone to get onto the CBS in time for the
presentations, discussions and fun.
(No log-in or registration.)

Party & music:
Free photo scans too:

Arrive at any time.
Come and go as you please.
Enjoy good food at great prices while you easily meet new people and
learn all sorts of things that’ll help your Mac life and impress your
friends and co-workers.

Easy freeway access (101 at Laurel Canyon).
Lots of free parking.
We even have a Notary Public on site.

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