President’s Message

Greetings and best wishes for a Happy New Year to you all.

As we begin the new year, I want first to thank all of you for your participation in and support of the San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group.  It is for – and because of – all of you that we strive to continue providing meetings of interest to the community of Macintosh and Apple products users.

Please remember, if you have not already done so, you may join or renew your membership for 2013 at the next meeting.  Just see Thomas at the back table when you arrive.

At our December meeting, we elected a new Board of Directors, and at the subsequent Board meeting the following people were selected as the Group’s Officers and Committee Chairs for the coming term:

–  President:  Ron Streicher, assisted by Marilyn Miller

–  Vice-president:  Bob Langdon

–  Treasurer:  Thomas Ritter

–  Secretary:  Dianne Moore

–  Web site Committee:  Mo! Langdon, Chair;  Bob Langdon, Vice-chair;  Andrew Zima, Administration

–  Drawing Committee:  Sean McKinley, Chair;  David Whitby, Vice-chair

–  Program Committee:  Andrew Zima, Chair;  Marilyn Miller, Vice-chair

As your returning President, I welcome our new Board members and thank all of our previous members — especially Scott Harrell, who is leaving the Board to pursue new business opportunities.  Scott, you will be missed!

We already have planned the first few meetings for 2013. Please note on your calendars that the January and February meetings will be on the second  Monday of the month, rather than our usual third Monday.

–  January 14 (Second Monday):  “Personalizing the Mac OS and iOS”

Bob Langon will focus on features native to the Mountain Lion and Lion operating systems:  some are new and some older ones are now hidden in obscure places.  During David Whitby’s Apps & Traps presentation and the Q&A session, we also will examine features of the OS and iOs that you can use to personalize your working environment and make it easier to use.  So that we can address any specific questions you, as members of the SGVMUG, might want to have covered at this meeting, please send your questions or comments by Monday afternoon, January 14th, to <>

–  February 11 (Second Monday):  Prosoft Engineering – Security and Backup applications

Representatives from Prosoft Engineering will demonstrate several of their products designed for keeping the information on your Apple devices safe and secure:  Drive Genius,  Data Rescue,  Data Backup,  Klix, and SoundBunny.  They also will be offering special discounts to SGVMUG members who attend this meeting.

–  March 18 (return to Third Monday):  “The Ten Commandments of Mac Troubleshooting”

Chaired by Bob Langdon, our panel of experts will present a practical, interactive discussion and demonstration of the most common and important ways to keep your Apple devices safe and secure.

–  April 15:  Backup and Storage Options

Focus will be on the various strategies for backing up and storing your important data:  hard drives, flash drives, the Cloud, secure servers, etc.

Of course, regular features of all of our meetings are David Whitby’s Apps & Traps, a Q&A session, and the Drawing.  For complete details about all of our upcoming meetings, check our website:

Please let us know what other specific topics you would like us to cover in future meetings.  Send your suggestions to

Once again, I wish you all the best for the new year and look forward to seeing you at our upcoming meetings.

Best Regards,

Ron Streicher, President

San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group

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