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On Monday, December 20, 2010, the SGVMUG will hold its Annual Meeting, during which we will conduct the Election for the Board of Directors. We invite all of our Members to consider volunteering to be a candidate to serve on the Board. There are twelve positions available.

The Board members of the SGVMUG are all volunteers. Therefore, the Group is dependent on the good efforts of those are willing and able to organize and produce our monthly meetings, our website, and the other activities we provide for you.

In October, we will open the Nominations process and begin soliciting candidates. At the November 15th meeting, we will continue to solicit candidates; at the end of this meeting we will announce the slate of nominees and close the nominations process. As stated earlier, the Election will be conducted by vote of the Members present at the December 20th Annual Meeting.

I encourage all of you – our Members – to consider becoming more involved in our Group by submitting your name – or that of someone you know – as a candidate for nomination. You may do so either in person at the October or November meetings, or by contacting the Board by sending an email to Please provide the candidate’s name, home telephone number, and e-mail address.

We specifically need people who can: help us to develop, organize, and present the monthly meeting topics; maintain and update our website; solicit support from local manufacturers and vendors of Mac-related items for both meeting presentations and drawing prizes; assist us in expanding our outreach and public-relations efforts.

The election at the Annual Meeting will determine the members of the Board of Directors for the next two-year term. At its first meeting following the election, the Board will select which members will fulfill which offices. (For more information refer to the SGVMUG Bylaws: Go to bylaws link

I wish to thank all of the current Board members for their dedicated service to the SGVMUG during the past two-year term, and look forward to many of them continuing their work on our behalf.

Ron Streicher, President

San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group

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