Safe Internet Searching

We all do it; we have to!! And until we all (miraculously) know everything about everything (and can keep it all updated), we’ll have to keep searching the Internet for stuff.

In this day and age, searching seems a bit singleminded: you google it, and that takes care of it, and life is good, right?

Not exactly. To quote Gavin Phillips, over at MakeUseOf:

As of January 2017, Google was powering over 63 percent of U.S. searches, giving it unrivaled access to our browsing habits, and more. Furthermore, Google tracks your every search to build an individual advertising profile. The search giant knows more about your browsing habits than you could hope to imagine.

Gavin has a bit more to say, as well as some helpful suggestions. PYBT: This Is Why You Should Stop Using Google Search for the scoop.

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