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Now SGVMUG members can share their bookmarks with each other and the world easily. I have created a Delicious account for all of us to share. For those who do not know what Delicious is, let me explain.

Sometimes you don’t want to post an article but just send a website that you found that may be interesting to other members and friends. You can usually write a email to the Mac-Talk mailing list. But then the website address gets forgotten a few weeks later and you have to hunt through your email.

This is where Delicious comes in.

Delicious is a website at (yes, thats the address) that allows users to share their book marks with each other and the world. These book marks can be easily accessed from within any browser. It’s very easy to setup. All you need to do is drag a simple script from the website to your bookmarks bar (in Safari or Firefox).

I have also added a link called “Shared Bookmarks” to the sidebar on the right (under Quick Links) for immediate direct access to the bookmarks. So you can just click that and see what bookmarks have been posted.

If you would like to add book marks to our Delicious site the address is You will need a username and password. Please email Andrew or Gautam for the username and password or send a email to Mac-Talk with your request.

I have added a bookmark to get us started.

Enjoy !

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