Shoulder Surfing

MacHiderRan across a post on, Keep Your Secret Files Out Of Sight With MacHider. It starts out thusly:

…Mac OS X does a great job of keeping my data protected most of the time. Ironically, the most sensitive time for my data is when I’m actively using the computer.

I’m not talking about trojans or other such digital intruders. No, the pest I’m talking about goes by the name of shoulder surfing. The strength of my security doesn’t matter if everyone looking over my shoulder can see my most sensitive data. This is one of the main reasons why I keep my precious files hidden from sight at all times, by using tools like MacHider. It’s security through obscurity.

Interesting article on an interesting bit of software. Turns out it’s not a typical security tool, in that it doesn’t encrypt files or put up other insurmountable barriers. It works on the principle of hiding things in plain sight. As the author concludes:

…MacHider works as advertised, and it does so very well. The application is beautifully designed and incredibly easy to use. With the addition of custom groups and the AutoHide feature, MacHider is a top notch tool for keeping certain sensitive files out of sight. However, MacHider is not a complete security tool: it hides your files, but it only hides your files.

Looks like a good addition to a comprehensive protection plan.

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