Snow in July???

Size matters!!

Not really computer-related, unless (like me) you need a computer for more-than-basic arithmetic, but it is geeky…

Found this piece, by Rhett Allain, on Wired this morning. He starts:

THERE WAS A bunch of snow in Boston this year—and some of it’s still there. Yes, in July some of the snow has not yet melted. Why? There are a couple of reasons, some of them have to do with physics.

He ends:

But will the Boston snow pile melt? Sure, it will just take time. Hopefully it will melt before the next snow storm.

Oh. My. God.

In between, he does a great job of explaining the wherefores and whys in an amusing fashion. Check it out: It’s July. Why on Earth Is There Still Snow in Boston?

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