Stock vs Products

So… should you buy products from your preferred providers, or buy their stock?

Never thought about such things? Neither I, until Phil Goodman brought this Web link up at the General meeting last night. Really interesting!

We’re talking about Yaron Yitzhak’s post on TNW, asking that question:

People don’t usually regret their first bit of exciting hardware. On the contrary, the majority of folks have strong nostalgic feelings about their earliest computer, game console, audio player, or phone.…

All this got me thinking. What would it take for us to give up those memories? Money, probably. Lots of it. So… what if instead of buying an old gadget when it was released, we bought the product’s worth in company stock instead? Would that be enough to overcome our nostalgia?

Interesting question, eh? For Yaron’s thoughts, and the dollar comparisons, PYBT: This is how rich you’d be if you bought Apple stock instead of its products.

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