GraphicConverter goes to 6.0

For those lucky people who bought the MacUpdate bundle that was talked about on our mailing list, here’s an FYI on GraphicConverter.
(BTW, this also applies to anyone who bought it at Macworld in January)

From his site-

Note: All customers who order/ordered GraphicConverter 5.x (UB/X/Classic) directly from Lemke Software, our KAGI store or our Element 5 store after January 1, 2007 will receive the upgrade to version 6.x free of charge.
Customers who own a version from the MacUpdate bundle will receive a new license key the next days.

This offer does not apply to special promos or bundles sales of other resellers.

We e-mailed the new license keys already. So, please contact us, if you did not receive your new key.

If interested please go here to see what has been updated, changed, etc.

(I’d paste in the text but there’s a lot of stuff – 24 items under new, 20 under updated, 15 under bug fixes)

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