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Sure, it’s nice that our group has Mac-Talk, its own discussion list, but ours is a relatively small community so the pool of folks to draw wisdom from is rather small. But there are Mac users all over the world who can help you with your questions or add to your collective perspective. You may find you get a response more quickly from a national list. You’ll also learn a lot by reading the other posts on any list.

Here are some lists that may be helpful for you:


  • When you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome message. Keep that message! It contains guidelines and tells you how to unsubscribe in case you find the list is not right for you.
  • Do NOT reply to each post. Read them and learn from them. Respond only when you know the answer or can add something helpful to the discussion.
  • If a list has an archive, consider checking it before you ask your question.

List reading tip

In your email application, create a folder for each list. WHen you begin to get messages, look for the commonality in the subject or the To headers, then create a filter/rule to move the mail from each list into its folder. Open that folder from time to time, sort by date or topic, read, and learn.  


Don’t forget that list etiquette ("netiquette") is always important on any list. Be sure to read a list’s guidelines before you subscribe and respect them when you post.

These resources might help you with your netiquette so you can hit the cyber road with confidence:


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