David Whitby’s Tips n Tricks – July Meeting Notes

Here are David Whitby’s notes from his Tips n Tricks presentation for our July Meeting.

Editor note – with the exception of Jumbo Calculator all apps are designed for both the iPhone and iPad

iPad Apps
1. Audible.com – Allows direct downloading of audio books without connecting your iPhone/iPad to your computer.

2. Wattpad – not a list of best seller to buy but a clearinghouse of works from new writer, all offerings currently free

3. MobileMe Gallery – with a MobileMe account you can share any iPhoto Album with your friends ( not just desktop access anymore )

4. Jumbo Calculator – just what the title says!

5. Calcbot – need more advanced functions AND a paper trail (just rotate you iPad to landscape)

6. Craigslist Pro – Quick and intuitive way to sell your stuff

7. Lexeme – Ever play Scrabble and needed to cheat a little when you just KNOW there is a 7 letter available but you can’t quite get it? Super fast determination of all acceptable words and their score value in a list.

For your Mac –
Mp3panda.com – Would you like to pay only 10 cents for your music downloads instead of iTunes’ 99 cents? For a deposit of $29 you get $49 available in your account. That’s 7-10 times the number of songs you could buy from iTunes.

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