Nov. Gen. Meeting topic – How to prepare a Presentation by Ron Streicher

SGVMUG General Meeting – Nov. 19th, 2007
Time: 7:00 pm Location: Pasadena Public Library, Main Branch Auditorium

Whatever your field of interest, at some time you may be called-upon to present a lecture or seminar – it may be about your work, your hobbies, your travels, or whatever. When that time comes, knowing how to prepare and deliver an effective presentation will save you the embarrassment of standing in front of your audience and fumbling with your script, the slides, or even the basic task of organizing your materials effectively.

This presentation will not tell you how to organize your thoughts, but it will help you to understand how to put them together into a meaningful and carefully crafted computer-aided slide show.

Because we are a Macintosh group, this presentation will focus specifically on the tools found in KEYNOTE. For those working on the “other platform” however, many of the principles and techniques are equally applicable to Microsoft’s Powerpoint.

Among the aspects of creating a good presentation that will be covered are: proper use of fonts, slide builds and transitions, special effects, drawing tools, creating and importing graphics, etc. I also will share some insights on implementing audio tracks effectively – not at all an easy task in KEYNOTE.

Finally, because just creating the slide show is not enough, special attention also will be given to the practical considerations of presenting the lecture: what equipment and accessories are needed, setup and testing of all facilities, effective layout of the room, etc.

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