The US Presidential Election on November 4th is garnering much of the attention of the nation – if not the entire world. However, not to be lost in the shadow of this historic event, please mark on your calendars that the SGVMUG will have its own election the following month at our December 15th meeting. At that time, we will be electing a full slate of Directors – with a minimum of five and a maximum of twelve positions available – to serve a two-year term, beginning in January.

This Board of Directors, in turn, will select from among its membership the Officers of the Group: President, Vice-president(s), Secretary, and Treasurer.It is the Board of Directors – all of whom are members of the SGVMUG and serve as volunteers – that develops the meeting topics and other activities that we enjoy every month. We invite all members to consider becoming more involved in your Group by participating on the Board. Quite literally, we cannot go on without you.Our election process (unlike that for the US presidency which seems to have been going on forever) actually begins with our meeting on October 20th, when a Nominations Committee will be announced, and nominations will be opened to the general membership.Any member wishing to place his or her own name in nomination, or to nominate another member, may do so at this meeting.

Nominations also may be submitted directly to the Nominations Committee. All nominations must be confirmed by an agreement in writing (or via e-mail) from the nominee that he/she is willing to be nominated and to serve the full two-year term if elected; complete contact information and a brief biographical statement (maximum 200 words) also are required from each nominee. Nominations and supporting documentation should be sent to the Nominations Committee using the following link:

Nominations will remain open until the close of our meeting on November 17th. Following, a roster of the Nominees will be posted on the SGVMUG Website and sent via e-mail to all current members.The Election will be conducted by a ballot of those members present at the December 15th meeting, so please plan to come to the meeting to cast your vote.While you are making your calendars, please plan to join us for all of our meetings, regularly on the third Monday of (almost) every month throughout the year.

While there, you will enjoy networking with the other members of the Group, learn about new and interesting things you can do with your Mac, and have an opportunity to win some valuable prizes in our Drawing.

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