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Mailing lists can be a great way to get information and communicate with others who have similar interests to you. SGVMUG has two lists available to those in the LA/San Gabriel Valley area who wish to subscribe.

The Mac-Talk mailing list is a participatory email list for people in our area who are interested in the Mac to communicate with each other. Bear in mind that this is not a large, multi-national list. You’ll get more responses and a broader range of experiences, as well as faster help when you use a larger list. To help you with that, we have a list of recommended larger lists. If you’re looking for local folks though, or something like a recommendation to a local vendor, Mac-Talk is a great place to post.

To be able to send and receive messages to Mac-Talk, you must subscribe first.

You can do that by visiting:

The server will then send you a message regarding how to send messages and how to remove yourself from the list, if need be later. The Mac-Talk list is NOW archived. This list is not moderated but we reserve the right to remove anyone who picks fights, uses it for spam, or is otherwise rude to our members.

Other functions of this list

If you have a question and you’re awaiting a meeting to ask during Q&A, consider posting it here first. Perhaps you can get your help faster via the list. You can also use this list to request a Q&A topic or a meeting topic.


Before you subscribe — MacTalk list guidelines

  • Do not reply to every message. Every list member gets those messages; they are not directed specifically to you.
  • Do not type in upper case unless you mean to be SHOUTING!
  • Do not carry on personal conversations. When you wish to respond to a post in private, address the message to the sender and note that it is “offlist.”
  • Please remember that contributions here are voluntary. Members will post at their own convenience. They help out of generosity. No one is expected to help anyone else beyond reason or to do what amounts to tech support or consulting for free.
  • Keep your language clean and your tone polite.
  • When responding to a message, quote the pertinent parts of the message to which you’re responding. Otherwise people will not know what you are responding to and your post may be ignored.
  • When responding to a message, do not quote the message headers or signatures. These items are not necessary or pertinent and make messages unwieldy.
  • Use plain text for all posts, unless rich text formatting absolutely adds something to the message.
    NOTE: List member or not, we highly recommend you set the default of your email application to compose messages as plain text as that’s the true email standard and rich text can be difficult to read and makes “threads” hard to follow.
  • If you set up any auto-reply in your email, make certain that it will not auto-reply to the list.
  • Please do not use this list (or any other) as a substitute for trying to find the answer yourself. And please be respectful of your fellow members’ time.
    • Read the help files and try what you can think of (unless you fear damage).
    • Please let us know what you’ve tried so people don’t waste time repeating what you’ve already thought of.
    • Think of any changes you have made to your Mac/hardware prior to the start of the problem and let us know. Perhaps a change triggered the problem.
    • Bear in mind that if it’s a general problem you may find more support in a larger-reaching list. If you’re cross-posting to another list, tell us.

More on netiquette is available at:

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