President’s Message – VOLUNTEERISM

The Key to a Successful Community Group

The San Gabriel Valley Macintosh Users Group needs your help! It is common knowledge that the SGVMUG is organized by a small cadre of dedicated volunteers. What might be less obvious to the casual observer, however, is just how small this “inner circle” really is. In fact, of the approximately 125 members of the SGVMUG, only about a dozen are actively involved in developing and producing the regular meetings and website on which the Group relies each month. Now, having twelve dedicated people out of 125 is not an unworkable proportion … unless you realize that these twelve are responsible for all of the work, and many of them have been doing this for the past several years, without very much “turnover” within their ranks.

The problem with this scenario, however, is that after a while, this very small group of individuals can become overburdened with their tasks. Sometimes it is just a matter of having to juggle the demands of the SGVMUG with the necessities of and responsibilities to their family and “day job.” Taken to the extreme, the stress becomes too much and “burn-out” becomes an issue. We experienced this earlier this year, when some of our Board members decided it was time to step aside and let someone else take over.

Some of the tasks necessary to keep the SGVMUG going forward include arranging meeting topics and presenters, securing prizes for the Drawings, maintenance of the membership database, development and maintenance of the Website, assisting at the General Meetings, publicity and promotion of the SGVMUG activities, membership recruitment, etc.

In December, in accord with our Bylaws, the SGVMUG will hold elections for the Board of Directors. At present, all twelve members of the Board are serving as an ad-hoc committee following our reorganization meeting in July. The December elections will be an opportunity to confirm these people or to elect “new blood” as Directors of the Group. We will begin the election process at our General Meeting on October 20th by naming a Nominating Committee and issuing a Call for Nominations.

Many of the activities listed above can be accomplished by volunteers who, although they cannot commit to being a Director, still want to help keep the SGVMUG a vital and active group for all of us. At the October meeting, let us know who you are. Volunteer to stand for nomination in the upcoming elections or offer to help as a non-Board member. Remember, the word “we” involves you!

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