Reminder for MacDayLA – tomorrow, Saturday, March 22, 2008

The premiere of MacDayLA has a lot to offer. Even a couple of things for Windows users.

• If you’re into music you’ll enjoy trying the Mandala 2.0 – a drum that attaches to Mac or PC via USB and becomes your audio input instrument. Set it to sound like any type of drum, or a piano, or a guitar…. It’s not in stores yet so this is a rare opportunity to try it for yourself. We even have a discount price for you. We discovered the Mandala at a private press event at CES and thought it very worth sharing with others.
Have a friend into music? Share this opportunity. The guys will be there all day and into the evening.

• If you’ve been wanting a MacOS tablet computer, you’ll love the Axiotron Modbook. It’s approved by Apple and is a MacBook at its core – but it’s more. Perfect for graphic artists. It can only be purchased by web/phone from Other World Computing so there’s no store to try it in. But you can sit with it and try it at MacDayLA! All day and into the evening.

• Wondering what iPhone apps have in store for you? Come see a jailbroken iPhone full of apps and learn from an iPhone-using pro.

• Looking for a fast, easy way to stash and be able to find your myriad notes on your Mac? See TopXNotes one-on-one in Carla’s Cafe all morning.

• Much more.

• A unique something special for Mac users that we’ll announce during the day. If you have a shirt or cap that boasts your MUG or an Apple logo, wear it or bring it along!

• Games! If you have an iPod and are staying for the evening, bring it along.

• Door prizes and game prizes, proving all attendees with an excellent chance to win something.

Optional photography class for both Mac and Windows users:
Now That I Shot These Digital Photos, What Do I Do? $99 for 3 hours. Please register in advance.

We even have a Notary Public on hand so you can get business done too!

Just $15 at the door ($12 online today).
Free parking.
Great food at better-than-fast food pricing.
At CBS Studio Center, Studio City, CA, off the 101 at Laurel Canyon.
Doors open at 8:30am and we’re there til around 9pm for you to spend part or all of your day with us.
Full info at

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