Scareware: Not As Frightening as It Sounds


The bad guys obviously have too much free time on their hands:

…What happens is that you visit a Web site and seemingly have your browser maliciously frozen. You’ll find that you can’t quit, nor can you navigate away from the page by clicking the Back button.

Next, a page or pop-up appears telling you any of a number of stories (often tailored to your location), perhaps that your Mac has a problem or has illegal material on it, or that your data has been encrypted by some malevolent entity.…

Yeah, right! Don’t believe a word of it.

Randy B Singer has a great article on TidBITs, explaining what’s going on and how to cope. Read it now, and you’ll not only be prepared if something like this happens, you’ll learn a lot of interesting stuff.

PYBT: Scary Internet Scam Becoming Disturbingly Common.

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