Should I Change My LastPass Master Password?

LastPass breach

You may recall the LastPass breach news from last month. If you’re a LastPass user, you got the e-mail from LastPass advising users:

…that the company had detected “suspicious activity” on LastPass servers, and that user email addresses and password reminders had been compromised.… no encrypted vault data had been compromised, but since the hashed user passwords had been obtained, the company advised users to update their master passwords, just to be safe.…

So, what’s a LastPass user to do? In a word, read. Ryan Dube has an in-depth, but easy to understand, article on MakeUseOf that gets into the hack itself, why the LastPass system is so secure, and whether you should change your master password.

Read it: LastPass Is Breached: Do You Need To Change Your Master Password?

Graphic from the article

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