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Three New Threats!

Today we have three new iOS/macOS cyber threats that have been discovered out in the wild.  Or in other words… about 30 seconds worth of Android malware adventures.

Handbrake gets hacked

Popular video format converter Handbrake was recently hacked. Downloading the hacked copy will cause all sorts of mischief on your computer. For more information about this threat and how to deal with it checkout the link below.

Russian-backed Windows malware gets ported to the macOS

Be very careful if you use Flash- but why would you want to use such a festering pit of bugs and malware? There is a bit of malware that does a good job of pretending to be an update for Flash but it really is just a delivery mechanism for a variety of security exploits. Originally a Windows-only bit of malware, the authors have now ported it to macOS. Information about this exploit and how do deal with it can be found at the links below.

And remember – never ever do an update for any software that does not come directly from the company that made it.

Nasty Mac malware bypasses Gatekeeper

Those malware developers keep getting smarter. One of them has gotten ahold of a valid Mac developers certificate and they are using that to get their malware past Gatekeeper. This is serious. Check out the link below to find out more about this threat and how to avoid it.

Be careful out there – there’s lots of snakes hiding in the grass.

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